Онлайн-конференция Школы менеджеров Стратоплан

Мы будем говорить про работу и людей

10-14 ноября
каждый вечер с 20:00 по 22:00

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Креативная, серьезная и занимательная наука о приложениях для Android

This course introduces the fundamental computer science principles that power today’s apps. You will also learn to create your own Android app using Java and standard software development tools.

20.10 – 19.12
8 недель обучения

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Learning How to Learn

UC San Diego

Learning How to Learn is for you—it’s meant to give you practical insight on how to learn more deeply and with less frustration. The lessons in this course can help you in learning many different subjects and skills.
Also useful for those people who would like to exercise their English language skills.

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